For the love of Peruvian food

All of our food is made with real ingredients, and from scratch right down to the sauces. Our award winning menu will bring you to the streets of Peru. We hope to tickle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more!

Pio Starters and Salads


6 oz - Grilled tender Beef Heart skewers, crispy potatoes, Pio Green Sauce 14.5 (2 skewers)


Raw fish (cod) in our top secret time juice marinade, served with yuca (cassava fries), yellow corn, pickled onion, and toasted Peruvian corn . Gluten Free.

Small 11 (2 oz) Regular 18 (4oz) Pio Size 29 (7oz)

Caldo de Pollo

Warm yourself up with this Peruvian Chicken Noodle soup that is full of flavor!   11


Corn flour stuffed with chicken, egg, onion, olives, and yellow pepper, topped with pickled onion   6  


Flavorful Beef Sausage, Golden Fresh Hand Cut Fries with Pio White sauce   8.5

Pio Bowl

(6 oz) Grilled Chicken, canario beans, avocado, quinoa, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, pio white, pio green & pio red sauce  17.5

Yuca Frita

Cassava fries

Single (For 1) 5.5 Double (For 2) 8.5 Pio (For 4) 14

Andean Salad

Tenderloin Beef, Pecans, Quinoa, Avocado, Seasonal Veggies, House Vinaigrette

(4oz) 18.5 (8oz) 26.5

Grilled Chicken Salad

(6 oz) Grilled Chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beets, carrots, apple cider vinaigrette  14.5

Classic Peruvian Dishes

Lomo Saltado

A classic Peruvian stir fry with Tenderloin Beef, onions, tomatoes, top secret juices served with crispy fresh hand cut fries, and a side of garlic rice 

Regular (4 oz) 19 Double meat (8 oz) 28  A lo Pobre (add sweet plantain and a fried egg +4.5)

Tacu Saltado

A popular dish with a rice and bean medley, fried egg, and topped with our classic Lomo Saltado Tenderloin Beef Stirfry

Regular (4 oz) 20 Double meat (8 oz) 29

Bistek A Lo Pobre

Made to satisfy those cravings! Skirt Steak, Rice, Fries, Sweet Plantain, and a fried egg!  (8oz) 22.5

Aji De Gallina

Peruvian curry at its finest! Pulled chicken in a special, creamy, yellow Aji Sauce served with garlic rice 

Regular 15

Pechuga de Pollo

Grilled marinated Chicken Breast served with white rice, canario beans & salad.  (6oz) 18.5

Pio Pollada (Pan Fried Chicken)

All quarter and half chickens come with your choice of two sauces and single sized regular sides.

Quarter Pio Chicken Leg

1 Reg Side 13 

2 Reg Side 15

Quarter Pio Chicken Breast

1 Reg Side 14.5

2 Reg Side 16.5

Half Pio Chicken (Breast & Leg)

1 Reg Side 17.5

2 Reg Side 19.5

Half Pio Chicken (Double Leg)

1 Reg Side 17.5

2 Reg Side 18.5

Additional Sauces ( 2 included)

+1.00 each

Substitute Premium Side

+1.00 each

Regular Sides

Fries, Sausage, White Rice, Sunshine Rice, House Salad, Canario Beans, Yuca (cassava)

Premium Sides

Quinoa salad, Tamal, Green Noodles, Creamy Noodles, Patacones(Green Plantain), Platano Frito (Sweet Plantain), Sauteed Veggies, Tacu Tacu (Rice and bean medley)

Sharing Platters

Piqueo Appetizer Platter 28

Ceviche (2oz), Anticuchos, Yuca, Tamal 

Lomo Saltado For Four 61

Lomo Saltado with two Pio-sized sides and 4 sauces (+4.00 FOR EACH PREMIUM SIDE)


Tallarin Saltado

Linguine noodle stir fry with Tenderloin Beef, onions, tomatoes, and top secret juices.

Regular (4 oz) 19      Double meat (8 oz) 28

Tallarines Con Bistek

Green noodles (spinach & basil noodles sauce) OR Creamy Red pepper noodles, topped with our skirt steak

Tallarin Verde (Spinach & Basil noodles sauce) 18.5        Tallarin a la Crema (Red Pepper Sauce)  18.5

From the Sea

Filete de Pescado

Pan Fried Fish Fillet served with house salad and garlic rice 20.5


Tempura Calamari, Shrimp, and Fish on a bed of Cassava Fries 26

Arroz Con Mariscos

Peruvian Paella. A delicious Seafood rice dish made to order! Calamari, Shrimp, Mussels, Clam 20


A flavourful, made to order seafood soup with Calamari, Fish, Shrimp, Mussels, Clam. Served with a side of rice 18.5


A Peruvian classic, flavourful and hearty made to order fish soup with egg, rice, potato, squash, corn, java beans 18

Save Room for Delicious Desserts


Melt in your mouth cookies with dulce de leche (milk caramel) filling 6

Tres Leches

Angel cake with a secret 3-Milk recipe

 single piece 5.5 double piece 8.5

Crema Volteada

Peruvian Flan  single piece 5.5 double piece 8.5


Sweet Potato Donuts made to order with a classic house made syrup. Four in each order! 9.5 (Order ahead as this dessert takes up to 15 minutes to make!)

Pio Dessert Sampler

Try 3 of our desserts! Crema Volteada, Small Tres Leches and 1 Alfajor cookie 10.5


Chicha Morada

Fresh purple corn, pineapple and lime juice. Glass 3.25 Jug 10.5

Inka Cola

Peru’s super popular Lemon Grass soft drink 3.5


Brazilian passion fruit  Glass 3.5 Jug 11.5

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

Passion Fruit iced tea blend 3.75

Coke Products (Free Refills)

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Iced Tea 3

Dasani Bottled Water




Cocktails and Beers

Pisco Sour

Peru’s National Cocktail! (pisco, lime, syrup, egg white) (1oz) 9.5    (4oz Jug)  31

House Wine Red or White

(5oz)  9     (9oz) 13


Wine, passion fruit, apples, syrup, lime, ginger ale   (5oz) 9.5      (20oz Jug) 31

Mango Margarita

Tequila, Mango, Lime, Syrup (1oz) 9.5

Maracuya Sour

Pisco Sour with a twist (pisco, passion fruit, syrup, egg white) (1oz) 10.5   (4oz Jug) 32

Dos Equis & Corona


Modelo Especial